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Research Publications/ Articles

•  Rizamukhamedova M.Z., Shiranov I.A and Matchanov S.H. (date?). Enzymotherapy system of Kontab® (Bromelain and trypsin) on the patients of Rheumatic heart disease. Tashkent Medical Academy , Republic of Uzbekistan

•  Sadia et al., (2007). Randomized trial on liquid antacids: A comparative study on palatability, efficacy and cost. Pakistan Medical Research Council and H.E.J Research Institute of Chemistry

•  Joachim W. Herzig.(1999). Pharmacokinetic study of Roxin 500mg in healthy human volunteers. The Agha Khan University Hospital

•  Khan M.A.S., Roohi B and Obaid A. (2002).Effect of food on the pharmacokinetics of orally administered Mefenamic acid tablets (250mg) Bioavailibility studies of Mefenamic acid tablets (250mg). R.O. Pharmaceutical Consultancy services and Central Laboratory, Ministry of Health, Govt of Pakistan
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