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New Product Development

The main focus of the New Product Research and Development program is to develop a patient acquiescent product with potent efficacy and safety. This requires comprehensive pre-formulation studies, Formulation development including optimizations, selection of suitable excipients, in vitro bioavailability/bioequivalence studies and formal stability studies according to ICH Guidelines. Efroze Chemicals has acquired sophisticated modern instruments for pharmaceutical research and routine analysis. These facilities make this organization one of the finest in the developing world. This includes latest version HPLC systems, LC-2010HT Series (Shimadzu Scientific Instruments), HPLC VP series with Autosampler (Shimadzu Scientific Instruments), UV-Vis Detector, RID detector and Fluorescence Detector, Gas Chromatography system GC-17A (Shimadzu Scientific Instruments), FT-NIR Spectrometer EP-Series (Perkin Elmer), Total Organic Carbon Analyzer, TOC-VCHS series (Shimadzu). The research department is equipped with other aligned instruments of high precision used in pharmaceutical formulation development..



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