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Commitment to Society

Realizing its commitment to society, Efroze has been contributing to the goodwill of the community with an aim to become a reliable partner in nation building. The program on Power of Giving was organized on 15th June 2008, presented by Dr. Abdul Gaffar Billoo reknown Pediatrician of Pakistan. Renowned Doctors and Professors of Pediatrics, Gynecology, Cardiology and Gastroenterology were invited where Efroze devoted the efforts to explain the concept of giving with magnificent power on earth and contributed endlessly for the spiritual, mental and physical uplift of the mankind. Dr Gaffar Billoo also quoted many examples of other Social personalities, Philanthropist and different NGO’s working all over the world and in Pakistan for their valued contributions and endless efforts for the betterment of the people and welfare of the society.

Realizing the need for specialized health fundamentals, Efroze significantly contributes to the establishment and financial support to dispensaries, health foundations, community centers and hospitals. The first burn centre in Pakistan established under the patronage of a philanthropic group; Friends of Burns Centre (Patients’ Welfare Society), in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Government of Sindh. This centre is serving community under the presidency of Mr. Mohammad Abdullah Feroz Managing Director of Efroze.

In the future there are plans to develop more need-based programs with emphasis on educating and empowering communities through knowledge, access to information and provision of quality services. The aim remains to improve their quality of life and achieve sustainable human development.

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